Linked Data-as-a-Service: The Semantic Web Redeployed


Ad-hoc querying is crucial to access information from Linked Data, yet publishing queryable RDF datasets on the Web is not a trivial exercise. The most compelling argument to support this claim is that the Web contains hundreds of thousands of data documents, while only 260 queryable SPARQL endpoints are provided. Even worse, the SPARQL endpoints we do have are often unstable, may not comply with the standards, and may differ in supported features. In other words, hosting data online is easy, but publishing Linked Data via a queryable API such as SPARQL appears to be too difficult. As a consequence, in practice, there is no single uniform way to query the LOD Cloud today. In this paper, we therefore combine a large-scale Linked Data publication project (LOD Laundromat) with a low-cost server-side interface (Triple Pattern Fragments), in order to bridge the gap between the Web of downloadable data documents and the Web of live queryable data. The result is a repeatable, low-cost, open-source data publication process. To demonstrate its applicability, we made over 650,000 data documents available as data APIs, consisting of 30 billion triples.


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