Cluster based Cache Consistency using Agent Technique in Mobile Environment


Caching is an essential mechanism in mobile environment. Mobile node makes access dynamic changing data object to their server and to get the interested data to keep their own as local copies in the cache. If the server database is updated, the data cached in mobile client is invalidated and it becomes inconsistent between client and server. In this study we design the cluster based caching technique in mobile node, this technique improves data accessibility, reduces the query latency and easy to maintains cache consistency in mobile environment. Designed a Cluster head node in between the server and the client using agent technique. Cluster head is selected nearest to the center of the grid and full battery power among other nodes in the mobile environment. Simulation is done on NS2, result show that reduces update delay, reduces Query delay, high throughput, high energy level when compared with existing approaches Distributed Cache Invalidation Method (DCIM).


8 Figures and Tables

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