ANMoLe—An Adaptive Multimedia Content Delivery Middleware Architecture for Heterogeneous Mobile Multi-Device Neighborhoods


Despite the commercial onslaught of multipurpose portable devices such as integrated mobile phone-PDA combos, the need for multiple devices, with each device performing its own pre-defined and specialized function still exists today. The new generation of internet users has been expeditious in imbibing the new generation of divergent devices for their varying needs—cell phones for voice communication, pagers for text messaging and PDAs for notes. Content sources today assume that the end-device used to retrieve the content has certain minimum pre-defined capabilities. The architecture presented in this paper explores a new realm of content delivery where all the devices in a user's neighborhood of devices are united as a single entity for content delivery. This solution exploits the characteristic capabilities of these individual devices to render the retrieved content for the user; or in cases where the target devices are limited in capabilities, modifies the content to suite the capabilities of the device. A comprehensive description of the testbed we have built based on this architecture is also described.


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